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Will Taylor CMIOSH

Freelance Trainer and Course Developer for IOSH and NEBOSH courses

Highy Qualified and knowledgeable

Will Taylor is a Chartered Member of IOSH, has a BSc (Hons) in Safety and Environmental Management, and both NEBOSH Diplomas. He also won two Best Candidate Awards in 2008 when he was a NEBOSH Diploma student. He is also a qualified teacher in the Adult learning sector.

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EXPERIENCed manager and trainer

Will has worked in health, safety, and environmental management for over 15 years. He has worked for major companies such as Smith and Nephew, Swift Group Ltd, and CPP Plc. He has managed health and safety at Group level, as well delivered and implemented training programmes internally and for corporate clients.

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Will has excellent interpersonal skills and is able to build rapport with all trainees. He is able to draw upon his wide experience of real-world problems and tailor his delivery to the attitudes and needs of each student. His style is pragmatic and non-pious. His personable, pragmatic, and humourous approach set him apart from the stereotypical H&S trainer.

Examination Team Leader

Will is an Examination Team Leader for a leading H&S qualification awarding body. He marks exams and assignments for level 3 and level 6 qualifications, as well as moderating other examiners’ marking. Needless to say, he has a wealth of exam technique knowledge and experience which he can pass onto learners.

Need a Trainer who captures the Imagination?

About Will Taylor

Passionate Engaging Thought-Provoking Captivating Capable

Will has over 15 years of experience in health and safety management, course development, and training delivery. A Chartered Member of IOSH, he has managed health and safety at major companies such as Smith and Nephew, Swift Group Ltd, and CPP Plc. Highly qualified and knowledgeable, he is able to capture the attention of learners, and keep them eager for more as they progress through the course. His style of training stands out from most trainers. He is passionate, engaging, thought-provoking, and an advocate for common sense in the health and safety industry. Will has most of the NEBOSH Certificates and Diplomas, is a qualified Teacher for Adult Learners, and is an Examination Team Leader for a leading H&S qualification awarding body.

  • Chartered professional, with three degree level qualifications.

  • His pass rates are excellent, his learners think highly of him.

  • Not your stereotypical H&S trainer. Will has contagious enthusiasm, humour, and passion.

  • His corporate clients ALWAYS request him by name. His competence sells courses.


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Will Taylor

IOSH and NEBOSH trainer, Course Writer, Father, Husband, Frontman of a 90s Dance Tribute Act, and a really terrible amateur politician.
Will is also the frontman of Skool Daze, one of the UK’s only live performing 90s Dance tribute acts, in which he sings, raps, plays keyboard, and delivers a high-energy performance. He also enjoys standing for political elections with no hope of winning, and debating real politicians in televised or radio debates.
Enthused Learners - Ecstatic Clients

Not the stereotypical Old School Stuffy HSE Trainer!

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