26th September 2017

Bespoke Training

Will Taylor has been developing, creating, and implementing training solutions his whole professional life. We understand the importance of creating material that:

  • Enables the learner to understand the content.
  • And, perhaps more importantly, motivates them to behave more safely and use their newly acquired knowledge in the workplace.

Training is also about persuasion. We seek to change hearts and minds. The training must be impactful, and lead to the help nudge the learners into making behavioural and attitudinal changes.

Training is also delivered to help organisations comply with legislation, and fend off potential civil claims and prosecutions. With that in mind, it is also important that training be correctly documented and written in accordance with the needs of the organisation. Whilst accredited training courses are highly recognised, these are sometimes too generic to provide much of a legal defence in a civil or criminal case. Furthermore, training must always have a final assessment, since this is evidence that the learner has understood what is expected of them.

Will Taylor can assist you in developing bespoke training packages that suit your needs, and will also deliver these as classroom training where appropriate. Will can also assist in the creation of all supporting materials, booklets, guidance documents, handouts, and assessments. Will is highly experienced at:

  • Creating engaging Powerpoints that support learning, instead of sending them to sleep.
  • Developing fun and creative quizzes and games, that help learners learn through doing.
  • Recording and editing videos, which can be used to support a classroom course, or to support the communication of new procedures and ways of working.
  • Delivering the training in a fun and engaging manner. A style of delivery that supports what you’re trying to achieve, instead of alienating them!

Will has previously developed and delivered bespoke training in the following subjects:

  • Fire safety.
  • Manual handling.
  • Noise risks and controls.
  • Chemical handling.
  • Spillage procedures.
  • Inductions for contractors and visitors.
  • Communication skills for managers and team leaders.
  • Management of fleet drivers and occupational road risk.
  • DSE assessment.
  • And many more!