26th September 2017

Course Development

Will Taylor has years of experience working with professional bodies such as IOSH and NEBOSH, and also spent four years working with one of the world’s leading Health and Safety elearning providers. During that time he has written, and rewritten entire courses, leading to significantly higher pass rates.

Once, Will rewrote an entire course. The pass rate at the next exam jumped up so significantly, there was an investigation by the examining body into how this happened.

The answer was simple. The course was better structured, and written in plain, simple, English.

Will can help you:

  • Develop your syllabus and learning outcomes.
  • Storyboard and draft your online course.
  • Write your course in a clear and understandable way.
  • Include images, animations, videos, and exercises.
  • Create assessments.
  • Review the final product with you, in the spirit of continuous improvement.

Will also has experience in the creation of e-learning materials, HTML coding, and Moodle. This means he is one of the few health and safety professionals with both the H&S knowledge and the technical knowledge of e-learning and website development.

Grammar and spelling are very important in written products. An inadvertent typo, or poor grammar, can tarnish the credibility of your organisation and its products. Will Taylor’s written and verbal skills are in the top 5 percentile. He will ensure that your written course materials are error-free, professionally worded and presented, and show your organisation at your best!